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With DD last year, my sister and DH were my 'coaches' and we had our midwife. I laboured with DH at home alone until my sis got there, but she talked to me for about 10 minutes, then insisted she was 'so tired!' from driving an hour, and being that it was 1 am, so she had a nap in my room! She actually complained when I came in the room to get on the bed when the midwife finally decided to come over. The midwife walked in the door, assessed me, I was at 7 cm, we drove to...
I highly recommend The Birth House, a work of fiction by Ami McKay. It's about early 20th century life in Nova Scotia, with a young girl who apprentices to become a midwife, while a "modern" hospital is pushing a clinic birth. Amazing read.
Katroshka - How terrible you had to put up with that. Thanks for sharing your story.   Rebecca - Thanks, I'll look into that link. I'm not one to lie about my choices either, but I don't need to deal with attitude about it. I'll be happy to be more informed. I do love my OB in many ways, too. I trust her - she is very professional and caring and knowledgeable, but this recommendation threw me for a loop. 
Thanks, Lizbiz. I was feeling guilty. I am going for my first prenatal app't with my Nurse Practitioner next Thurs, so I'll see what she says. I'm continuing to nurse, although if my daughter self-weaned I wouldn't complain.
Just read what I wrote ... to clarify, she gave me the 'go ahead' to TTC, but said I absolutely must wean first. Now I'm preggo and haven't weaned yet.
Has anyone's OB said they must stop nursing? This is what my OB told me. I am currently nursing my 10 month old, and feel guilty. Now I'm worried about what my OB will say when she finds out I am pregnant and still nursing. Hmmm.
I am planning on a hospital birth. My first delivery was after a routine uncomplicated pregnancy. I laboured at home in the tub, went to the hospital and delivered in under 45 minutes naturally with my midwife, but I ended up tearing up to my cervix and hemorrhaging very badly. I lost consciousness and started convulsing and was rushed into emergency surgery. My care was transferred to an OB, who said if I had delivered at home, there would not have been sufficient time...
Hi Ladies! I'm new here. Just got my BFP 2 days before x-Mas and surprised DH with the news on XMas morning. What a fun surprise. I have a 10 month old daughter and 9 fur babies, so we will have an even more crowded house with another baby! I am so excited. We tried for 2 months with this pregnancy. I have my first prenatal appointment next week and I can't wait!
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