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Just wanted to say I feel for you.  I tried for my nephew, but they didn't listen to me.  But we can still have hope in your case!
If anyone is looking for a kid's Bible, we have this one http://www.amazon.com/The-Picture-Story-Bible-Book/dp/1433523914 which shows Mary nursing baby Jesus.
I dropped a pants size this summer, and at 5 weeks I just started wearing my bigger pants.  That should last a bit, but I did haul up the maternity box for when I need it.  I really don't want to wear the band pants until we are telling people (that's how I knew my cousin was pregnant before she told me ).  
We had our first two kids at a hospital with a midwife practice (separate from the OB).  I had 2 natural waterbirths, and hope to do the same again.   
Hey - My friend lives in Bloomington and I get Azure Standard through her.  If you PM me your email address, I will see if it's ok that you join hers (I'm not sure where she picks it up, maybe St. Paul?).  
Here's my Gardasil story (which fortunately has a happy ending).  I went for a physical in 2006 right before getting married, and to get a diaphragm.  I told her I was a virgin and so is my fianace.  She said, "Hey, we have this great new vaccine to prevent cervical cancer (gag) that we can only give to people before they are sexually active.  You are perfect for this - want one?"  Fortunately I had the good sense to deny it (this is long before I had kids and became...
I need cloth diaper help!  (which is strange for me since I'm usually the one telling people about cloth diapers :)  Ever since we moved, our kids (3 and 1) have both been getting rashes whenever they wear them.  The only thing different is that we went from city-softened water to a house with a water softener.  Could that be causing rashes?   I have cloth-diapered most of both of their lives and not had this problem until now.  I have been using Charlie's soap for the...
Doctor John Anderson, M.D. HCMC Richfield Clinic 44 West 66th Street located in the Hub Shopping Center Richfield, MN 55423 612-873-8200   He is our pediatrician and has always been respectful about our choice not to vaccinate.  We do most of the standard check-ups (minus the shots), and I have no complaints with how we have been treated by him and all the clinic staff.
KnittnKitten - If your husband is willing, I strongly recommend you attend this class together.  It is a vaccine info class done by a chiropractor in Plymouth.  He fully explains how vaccines work in the body, why they even have alluminum, etc...  He is not pushy either way, though he does not vax his own kids.  The class is very scientific and was super helpful for me when we were just learning about this.  http://www.y-chiropractic.com/cgi-bin/calendar/mainMonth.cgi
We see Dr. John Anderson at HCMC Richfield clinic.  He is very nice about us getting no shots, though he does offer every time just to make sure I haven't changed my mind.  :)  
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