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Congratulations! We just had a girl after three boys- it's a pretty amazing feeling. Beautiful name, and can't wait to read the full story.
Is it an option to take vacation or personal time for the days prior? That's what I did and our HR dept was willing to process it that way- I was in the same mode. I just couldn't focus and had no desire to be at work, and as a result I was being totally unproductive anyway. While I'd originally planned to work till the day of delivery it was nice to have a few days to myself at the end of the pregnancy. If they won't do that, maybe you could ask your midwife if she's...
Iowa- hoping things are okay... Scowgirl- I had something similar toward the end of my pregnancy and particularly after they stripped my membranes and continued off and on. I wondered if it was increased discharge from the cervix thinning? In any case, keep us updated!
Thank you! Looking forwarding to reading the stories from this group, too!
Congratulations, Fruitful! So excited to keep hearing all the upcoming announcements!
Adorable baby and lovely name
I'm so glad you posted in the DDC, Boots! I actually had forgotten that I'd posted on here at the early part of the labor! It ended up going fairly well because I decided to just let it go and not let someone else's issues interfere with my labor and the nurse actually ended up bring pretty decent. I has told her at one point that I was concerned with the pushing and she asked why. I said it was because I worried that I was too out of shape and couldn't do it and i'm sure...
Belia said it best. I'm sorry you're having a rough go of it right now. I'm having similar nursing issues, so I literally feel your pain. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to do it all on your own and have someone who should be supporting you questioning your decisions. Be kind to yourself. ETA: I love the name!
Good luck, Fruitful! Can't wait to see pics and hear stories!
I tested negative with my last pregnancy then was actually positive at delivery, which ended up resulting in a 4 or 5 day NICU stay for baby. This go 'round we went for the antibiotics and didn't bother to test, just treated it as positive. However, the labor didn't last the full 4 hours. Go figure!
New Posts  All Forums: