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Tolovemercy- that does sound yummy! I think the hot weather has really increased my craving for sweets because I have a strong association with sweets and cold foods. We've also just been doing a lot of fruit salads using any combo of fresh fruit mixed with some lemon yogurt and poppy seed. So at least it's not all junk and that would get a little protein in there, too! Scowgirl- that's been a big one for me this pregnancy, too. We've eaten a looooot of Mexican food this...
Oooh! Sending you good vibes for things to start progressing the way you'd like them to!
Ben and Jerry's sells a frozen Greek yogurt! Teehee...
I gave up on the house a while ago. Realized that the people who are close enough to me to be invited over in the little babe days are also people who will understand and not be phased by it. That and I know what their houses usually look like. The rule is no judging!
Congratulations! Enjoy every moment
Too funny! Our local grocery store sells those pre-made, and I saw it last night and couldn't resist. The kids thought it was the most amazing thing ever and DH idn't a big fan of sweets but he actually liked it, too. I did feels little guilty because I way overfed them on it so I would be forced to limit myself to a small portion and not have leftovers that would be calling my name in the middle of the night. But... It's fruit, right? Right? Heh.I saw a recipe on...
I ran across the same study and found it interesting. From a personal perspective, of the three children I've had one was an early induction after some BP issues. The other two were within 2 days of their due date (after) and I'm being induced at 39 weeks this go round so I can't say for sure but I am only 2 cm and seem to be nowhere ready at this point so I suspect it would have been the same this time around.
Hope you're home soon, Mrs M, and that baby and mama are otherwise doing well!
Yesterday was my final perinatologist appointment, today was the last OB appointment. Blood sugars have been a bit wonky (highs and lows) and my BP has been high but no other signs of preeclampsia so I think a lot of it is just the heat, which has been making me really uncomfortable. Baby still looking very healthy and happy, still very high. I'm at just 2 cm. She tried to strip my membranes but had a hard time because you normally have to be at a full 2 and I was not...
We've also had the same- baby is definitely head down and along my right side but heartbeat was stronger to left. I just assumed it had to do with her being head down but moving side to side and turning a bit (as evidenced by the posterior/anterior flip). While I had to be in the hospital for monitoring a few weeks ago she started on the right side then we felt her shift to the center to get away from the monitor.
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