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I don't think there are many in the group who wouldn't have some preference or another that doesn't fit the "natural parenting" label.  I think if you were to make a list of natural parenting tendencies, you'd find that that were just that - tendencies - with more or less everyone deviating from that list in some way.  We're moms - we improvise and stretch ourselves and make the best with what we have with our own family's unique needs and interests in mind.  Anyone...
A different idea from those listed is BONE, which is a graphic novel with an interesting fantasy plotline. My DD is not generally a fan of the format, but she and her Dad devoured this one together, having fun doing voices and such.
Yes, I'm definitely the type to pipe up. Like rocketgirl, I go with the whole "it takes a village" thing. There are certainly situations where it just boils down to parenting styles and what different parents are comfortable with. For instance, in leighi123's example, I wouldn't tell another child not to use playground equipment in an unconventional way (unless my child were there first, using it conventionally, and impeded by the unconventional/dangerous behavior)...
Some other fantasy series that haven't been mentioned: Alexander Lloyd's Chronicles of Prydain Tolkein's Hobbit (quick read, but so good.  Not sure if he'd be ready for LOTR yet.  The story is much more meandering than HP.) Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz series Dave Barry's Peter and the Starcatcher series Brian Selznik's Hugo    
You could say something along the lines of, "To avoid the confusion and hassle of collecting money in advance, let's plan for each family to check out independently at the restaurant."
I enjoy Brain, Child.  It's not really natural living minded, so much as thoughtful-living. 
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