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I have a friend who's poor baby had chronic toe infections. They were in the doctor's office every other day, poking and prodding, and the poor kid was on antibiotics constantly. They finally had the toe removed and regret not having done the procedure from the get go. Why anyone wants to keep that dirty extra digit is beyond me.
....marrying someone who doesn't necessarily want to be a father to your kids? My kids have a very involved biodad. We share equal joint custody and talk every day. I have been seeing someone for over 2 1/2 years now. We are absolutely perfect for each other in each and every way. We have been talking about taking a couple big steps together... buying a house, for one, and settling down - gulp! - with each other permanently. Issue - and maybe its not an issue? -...
I have this problem, too. I took in a stray last fall and didn't know she was pregnant 'til she was really really....... pregnant. She had a litter and escaped again before I got her spayed. Well, she ended up getting pregnant again, but I had her spayed, anyway. We kept two of the kittens and they still nurse at night, nine months later. Bizarre, huh? And I really have no way of making them stop. I will be reading this thread with eager eyes!
Thanks, everyone. I have been telling my ped. for a while now that I suspect allergies, but he kind of "pshaw"s me with a wave of his hand. Up until this past month, I haven't had the money to get the testing done on my own. Who would I go to? I mean, I know there are mainstream allergy doctors that test for things..... but do they know enough about food allergies and symptoms, as well?
My son has had bizarre and unexplainable allergic-like reactions since he was a baby. It started with red, scabby sores, sometimes on his head, other times on his body. (This is before he even turned one!) Then it turned into constant mucous and coughing due to the mucous. I went to an osteopath after many unsuccessful attempts with antiobiotics (he also suffered from lots of ear infections). This helped for a while, then I could no longer afford the visits. ...
Yes! Get them cold. I usually take them off the stove, place them in an bowl of cold water, and add ice. I just let them sit for ten minutes or so. Then I roll the eggs repeatedly, kind of cracking/mooshing/loosening the shell with my finger tips as I roll them. Then the shells usually come off pretty easily!
I am off work, sipping a beer, surfing MDC. The children are with their dad tonight. I'm not going to lie. This is so nice and relaxing!
I also wanted to add -- man, if people really think that something as nuturing and normal as cosleeping creates "monsters", they cannot be very intelligent and thoughtful individuals!
Quote: Originally Posted by sadie_sabot tolerance is not always a positive thing! tolerating hateful behavior isn't good, tolerating harm to others isn't good, etc. I think things get confusing sometimes because when we condemn "intolerance" we mean, intolerance based on identity not behavior, but then that generates this idea that it's then hypocritical not to tolerate *everything*. so, if you are opposed to racial intolerance you get called a...
Our bodies do funky things all the time. The more you probe, the more you find! I wouldn't worry about it. But that's just me!
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