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BusyMommy - no, I didn't think you were implying that at all! I just know some parents have issues thinking their kids can do no wrong - like my sister, for example. She makes excuses for her child about everything, all the time. Always takes his side. It's not healthy at all!
I haven't been following the hurricane coverage very closely, but I believe it's weaker than they originally thought? The last I remember, they were thinking it might be a cat. 5, and now it's a 3? Still not very comforting, I know. :
By the way... My daughter's name is Kali!
Ooooh, isn't it the best when you have a few minutes to yourself in the morning? When everything's peaceful and you can just chill out by yourself for a while? DOK - does your ds do full or part time kindergarten? I live in Baltimore County, and they've done away with half day kindergarten. It's sort of sad, but understandable... I mean, with most families around here requiring a two parent income, it's like free daycare.
I have really weird dreams constantly. Like, every single night. Just last night, there was this creepy scary dude that was planning on killing me. He had special powers or something. He would find me no matter where I was. It was horrifying. I also have a lot of pyschic dreams. A few weeks ago, I dreamt a new trainee at my work told me her mom died a year ago. She told me that a few days later. Then I had another dream about ponies on a farm and someone telling...
Good morning! I am sitting here, in bed, with my laptop, drinking coffee. I do not have to work today! Yay! What are your plans for the day? I am in the process of slowly moving in with my boyfriend. I have until Nov. 1st to vacate my townhouse. I'm going to go back to my place today and begin straightening and consolidating all of my junk. Not much fun.... but at least it's a day off!
It's funny that you say that, about how your expectations for the movie weren't really met. Okay, I'm going to admit this - it was, like, two in the morning when we watched it after a friend's birthday party at our house and we were in an altered state, lol. And the whole time I'm watching the movie I'm going, "Is this totally for real? Is this a REAL documentary?" Because it almost seemed like it was made by some MTV Real World crew or something!!! I did find it...
The guidance counselor said that, unfortunately, since it was a neighborhood issue and not a school issue, there really wasn't anything they could do. She did say she would keep an eye and ear out for goings-on at school.
Quote: Originally Posted by BusyMommy Have a nice long chat w/your children about safety and what if's. Don't take for granted that they'll be rational--at any point/level. I had bus duty last week and we actually had a middle school boy shooting 2 pellet guns at us--shooting DIRECTLY into a crowd of young children. ANd, when I went to his home, his Mom backed him up! That's insane!! I am so totally NOT the type of mother who protects her...
It's interesting. I worked in a ped. office for a little over a year. People would call whose children had obviously had a reaction to vaccines. It would get brushed off as, "Nah, not caused by the vaccine." So the stuff was never even reported. If every ped. office does this with practically every phone call they get regarding vacc. reactions, it's no wonder they are considered so "safe"!
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