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I use baking soda and vinegar for most of my surface cleaning needs (not dishes or laundry but sometimes shampoo). I rent movies at the redbox for 99 cents. I look for free activities in town instead of attending events that charge an admission price. I make my own soup broth when I see sales on brothy type organic veggies - then freeze it.  I carry snacks from home whenever we go places. We drink water for the most part - juice or sodas or other types of drinks...
What does she like to play with? Thinking of my girls at 2, my older one got a little box filled with toy lizards and that was her favorite thing ever! She carried it around telling everyone about her "wizards."  My younger one got a dress up box with princess dresses and she loved it so much and still plays with it. I gave this to my nephew for his 2nd birthday and he has found a million uses for it and thinks it's the greatest thing ever and he sits in it or fills it...
Wow! I love that page.
I live near a store that sells freshly packaged cones - maybe you do too? The premixed cones are always the easiest but you'll want to buy a few of them, not just one.  Also, if the cones are old they can get clumpy and make it hard to control the design. If you pat the design with a cotton ball dipped in lemon sugar water and then wrap with gauze, it will set and last at least a week. When I make my own I mix the henna powder with a bit of coffee grounds and some...
My 2nd was my shortest. My 3rd was all over the place and I know now it's because she was sort of crooked in there.  They are all different. 
I wonder if that applies to children already enrolled? I don't recall filling out a new form every year.  
I'm in Washington state. There's a spot on the vaccination form where I just sign my name saying I do not vax. Easy peasy beautiful. No problems. here. 
Instead of getting mad, I try to get creative.    YES YES YES. Like when I feel like yelling at my kids out of frustration, my sister taught me to lower my voice instead. I'll grrr and then talk in a low voice and they know that means business but I'm not an out of control screaming banshee, either. Kind of reminds me of how it's better to mooo like a cow during labor than it is to yell that it hurts.     It sounds like posting about things was the magic that was...
same here. can't stand grapenuts!
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