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The vinegar could be irritating the cracked skin. I only suggested the lanolin in combination with lavender. Lavender essential oil is antifungal so it kills thrush. The lanolin soothes the nipples and helps heal them. If you don't mix it with lavender EO, though, you'll be trapping the thrush in there and it will just hang out and not go away. You may want to put the nystatin on your nipples instead of vinegar, for now.
I'm not sure what you mean by safe, but they aren't the greatest. They do use a lot of essential oils (too much for my sensitive skin) and nice ingredients, but they also use a lot of the junk that everyone else. I don't have any of their products in front of me to read the ingredients list, but their website only lists what they call "key ingredients" so I can't get the info. I get a rash from many of their products so I'm willing to bet that they use lauryl and/or...
Stop the gentian violet. It breaks down skin tissue and can make cracks worse. Stop the Nystatin. It has sugar in it which also feeds the yeast. Get to your doc ASAP and get Diflucan for both of you. Make sure they give it to you for 1-2 weeks with a double loading dose on the first day. If your doc doesn't agree to that treatment, get some Grapefruit Seed Extract pills from Nutribiotic (most health food stores and even GNC sell them) and take twice the dosage listed...
On the goooooooooo! You must be tired.
Food = Love?
My son sleeps 11-12 hours and gets tired by the end of the day. But he often resists bedtime.
Yes. It's too popular. But use it if you want I resisted using Amelie because Emily and Emma are so popular. But I let daddy have his way. Heh.
Nicely written Maybe it would go well on Jen's lactivist site? The wading pool is the fountain where the Breastfeeding Awareness Rally is going to occur, right?
Quote: Originally Posted by sophmama Yeah I've been thinking about cutting the hair off. Maybe when dd weans (??? whenever that happens???) I'll be able to gain weight but right now that's about impossible. Most of my friends are in their late 20's /early 30's and I often get asked if I'm the little sister when we're out. I think the weight is a big part of it. I just kind of have a kiddish face I guess. I don't carry myself like a teenager - I ACT...
You look around 19/20
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