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Husband and I made the decision,made our house smoke free.I can't be around cigarette smoke and my husband understands.I am very allergic to cigarette smoke and been this way since I was 8 years old.My eyes get watery and burn including my voice,hoarsness are the symptoms.I did get advice from my allergist yesterday since I had a check up.Allergist said put up no smoking signs in spots.I know a couple of my husband's friends are not going to be happy,they smoke.I can...
Law.I am a lawyer,divorce,child custody and defense lawyer
She is 20 years old,Husband and I sat her down 3 years ago teaching her to save her money instead of wasting it.Nikki has been so good to me and proves it,treats me with respect and comes to me when she needs advice.
I am proud of my step daughter Nikki,she bought a car on her own today and she did save the money up.She bought a 2004 Chevy Impala and was smart about it.Took it to our mechanic to inspect it before buying it,a safe car for her and test drove it.Nikki did like the car on the spot and now very happy with her purchase.Had a 1993 Bonneville,it was getting unsafe,underside was rusting away.Luckily sold it to a junkyard and gave her $350.00 for it.My husband is pleased too...
Thanks and I love being a step mother.It was the only option,doctor said I could not get pregnant when I was 17 years old and this broke my heart.
I need to have the talk with my step daughter Nikki,she turns 21 in a couple weeks.It is about drinking and my husband,her father agrees with me 100% and I had the word about with him about this.Nikki is very nice and treats me very well,has it circled on her calender with these words: I can drink.My husband Micheal and I do drink in moderation and we need to get this to her.We are going to talk to her about this hopefully tommorrow night.Nikki knows I am a lawyer and I...
Hello,I am Candice and I am a 32 years old close to be 33 year old step mother.I have 2 step daughters and one step son.Nikki is my oldest stepdaughter,she is 20,Cassie is 16 and and my step son Caleb whom is 14.I get along with my step daughters very well and my relationship with my step son is so so which is being worked on.I am married,to my 46 year old husband,Micheal for 2 years.I am a lawyer,divorce,child custody and defense lawyer.
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