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Quote: Originally Posted by starbound25 My question is can you do the same freebie survey or whatever on more than one site? Technically, no. And if they catch you, odds are your account will be banned and your earnings revoked. So, if you're on multiple sites you can just do certain survey groups on each site.
Well I had to same thing happen to me and my denied entry actually had a reason it said something like Negative Balance. Though by the time I realized what happened it wasn't negative anymore. I requested cash out again and was paid the following month. I had done nothing but freebies... I don't play with barbies anymore. *cough* Anyone have any experience with the Raven Media offers? There are several of them, one of them being Grant Writer Pro. Says the...
Yo, someone send me a referral link to Cash Duck. Ya'll seem to like that site and I need to branch out. thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by peilover010202 She also told me the product didn't need to be returned. Great, thanks!
So you've had a good experience with My Smile Pro? For some reason I can't figure out the details of the trial if the items need to be sent back or what. The $1 7 day trials there are tons of them like Savings Smart, Shopping Essentials, Simply You... If you call during a busy time you can cancel through the automated system bypass the sales pitch. Advantage Language was very easy, the cs agent didn't even ask me a reason for canceling and I had my story ready. He...
Any bad experiences with Onlingo?
Bit of a warning here, the Zero Nicotine trial looks like a repackaged Stop Smoking 180. Company was notoriously hard to get ahold of, defunct "members" website, restocking fee....
Quote: Originally Posted by Avaline5 I access all of the sites from IE, so would I have to disable my AOL pop-ups too, if that application is open, even though I am entering the sites from IE? I don't have any experience with AOL, but I would say no. But then again, I'd do it, try it do a few freebies and see if they credit. Freebies at Cash on Tap credit within 20 minutes for me. So it shouldn't be that long of a wait. Good luck, let us...
Avaline, what about popup blockers? Have to make sure you get in there and disable them all. For instance, I had three. One for IE, one for yahoo toolbar and one for my Google toolbar. I had pretty crappy approvals for freebies and this helped tremendously. Oh, and staying on the last page of the survey for at least two minutes. I'm sure others will have more suggestions.
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