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This is fun!  I'm in :)
I was up 7 lbs when I got pregnant thanks to birthday, thanksgiving, and yule celebrations, and gained 4 since I found out.  So that puts me up 11 lbs @ 17 weeks today!  I'm hoping to only gain another 15-20.  Hopefully I can manage despite the craving attacks for Ben and Jerry's- my downfall every pregnancy :)  First pg I gained 70, second pg 30, third pg 28 and then lost 48!!!  Hoping to follow that trend as well ;)
So sorry to hear about this crazy experience.  Whoa.  Bodies are so weird!  Just for support, I'd like to share that I healed either a yeast infection or BV not quite sure exactly cause I didn't go in for an exam, but anyway...my regimen was this: Organic plain yogurt suppositories made w/ tea tree and lavender essential oils flip flopped twice a day with garlic clove wrapped in medical gauze (tied w/ dental floss).  The yogurt suppositories I made in wax paper and rolled...
Hello little owlet!!!!!
All love and good thoughts coming your way today!! I'll sport some green in your honor
Oh Oreos, and pnut butter, and ice cream...yes!!!!  I'm loving it all :)  Fudge sauce recipe please!!!
Last nite I ate two veggie burritos, a pack of starburst, and six Milano cookies. Also shared a pint of Ben and jerrys cherry Garcia with my five year old as a bribe to do her wagon wheel math work independently as I sat on the couch and watched the bachelor!
Crickets- You guys are rockstars!!!  Your positivity is about the most beautiful thing ever! 
I'm totally trying the ACV like tomorrow first thing.  I have a dry scalp even when I'm not pregnant...so annoying.  I use Aveda scalp treatment shampoo and conditioner, and it's worked best for me, aaaannnnd it's my one splurge!  Enjoy the body and shine and glory of beautiful hair now, cause when you start nursing it falls out like crazy ;)
Read, read, read... anything by Ina May Gaskin, The Bradley Method Stuff, Active Birth.  Maybe look into talking with a doula to advocate for you and your husband.  Also, choose the people who will support your choices to be there with you (if any)!  I've experienced natural birth in the hospital, induction and medicated birth in the hospital, and a homebirth.  Good education and a good support team have been essential for me in all instances!  Be sure to give yourself...
New Posts  All Forums: