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Hi all,   Any secrets to getting added to the FB page?  I requested to join the group, but so far no luck!  I'd love to join y'all over there.  If there is a secret password or anything, let me know!
Geez it has been a LONG time since I've checked in here.  Below is a picture of our tee tiny farmer at 4 months ~ he's now 5 months 1 week!  How the time if flying.  I've got a job interview next week and though I have been wanting to work, I also have heart palpitations when I think about leaving this little sweetie for even a few hours a day.  The babies in this group are so, so sweet and cute!  So fun to see everyone's photos.  :)    
The hat pictures are KILLING me!  So so cute!  I can't get over how beautiful all these babies are.  Here is one of me and Rowan (in a hat):    
Gorgeous babes ladies!  Another boy picture!  Rowan at one week...         And two weeks ...    
Hey LizBiz, don't know if you have already solved the gunky eye issue, but Rowan had the same thing and it was a blocked tear duct.  In addition to squirting it with breast milk, I also massaged the corner of his eye and below.  I read in the Dr. Sears Baby Book that doing that helps open up and clear the duct.  I probably did that four or five times in a day and by the next day his little eye was all cleared up!
Ditto. I vote yay.
Yea Leann!  So glad she is finally here!
I forgot to update here too! Rowan Matteo was born at 5:00am on September 1, at home, in the tub, caught by his mama.  He was 8 lbs., 8 oz and 21 inches long.  
Ahh DesertSunsets look at all that hair!  What a little beauty!  Maeve and Pirate Baby are just precious.  I have that giraffe onesie too!  I'm so so happy for everyone.  :)
Congrats DesertSunsets!  She is gorgeous!
New Posts  All Forums: