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I like the simplicity of, I AM. I AM Whole I AM Love.. I also like the affirmation All Is Well. It ALWAYS calms me down , esp in any situation that is stressful. Great idea for a thread Love and Light~ Charmaine
visualizing is not as complicated as we seem to think. Sometimes we put too much expectation onto ourselves, and that changes the whole experience. Try this, remember as much as you can about the day your baby was born. If you can do that, you are visualizing. Keep practicing and recalling things from your memory, this way you will be able to see what part of your self is doing the actual visualization, and then you will soon be able to visualize with ease
Quote: Originally Posted by mama ganoush who wants to twitter with me? : anytime, baby
Quote: Originally Posted by mommyshoppinghabit I see most of the posts in the Spirituality forum have to do with organized religion and most of the posts in Personal Growth are about dealing with relationships. What about a place do discuss things that, for a lack of a better term, are labeled New Age like metaphysics and universal consciousness and reincarnation? I guess it goes more under Spirituality, it's just that forum seems so all about...
Quote: Originally Posted by Violet2 Oh absolutely. There's a ton of unexplained 'woo woo' out there, but the angel thing is so glib and convenient that it smacks of con man patter to me at times. Besides if the angels are really talking why are half the psychics running around going "I sense someone with a G in your life." Are they hard of hearing? Or are angels adverse to saying full names? I believe in the paranormal partly because I've...
yes, i taught myself by readings lots of books, and just diving in. The first book I bought was, trust your vibes, by sonia choquette. Now, am at this full time, and love that I am able to help others. I am a SAHM and 'normal' too lol :
you need grounding and protection exercises. you are an empath, as well as an indigo . I do not know if I am allowed to post links or pieces of text from another source other then MDC. to play is safe, you can PM me in you are interested in having the links and info and i will pass it along that way Love and Light~ Char
what did you decide? he is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!! You will love him a million times over... seriously we are smitten with all our dogs.. but was totally surprised at our chi's persona.. We are adding to our family again ( another chi) so that makes 4 dogs ( two outside * not really outside since they sleep in the heated garage everynight) and then two little ones in the house Our chi's name is..Spencer. he SO looks like a spencer! lol
great idea! thanks ;D:
yeppers F.O.G set me up good! lol good to see you too georgia! wow, it it is like i've never been away we did get a bit wiser in our years tho, yes?
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