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Hope everyone had a nice Valentines!   I am now 3 days late, and took another test yesterday- still a BFN. I'm going to be really upset if my cycle is getting all wacky again!   Please put me in as Waiting to O
I'm not really sure how many DPO I am, I know AF is due on Mon-Tues, so we will see if it comes.   
BFN- I'm very bummed. But I'm sure it's for the best. If I don't see AF, I will retest- but I'm not hopeful.
Skinnylove so sorry for your loss. Hopefully the new life you've got in your oven will help heal the loss.   A2E: I have also been mean and moody for the last few days. I can't decide if I'm hormonal or exhausted- but it's making my DH crazy!   AFM: I'm planning on re-testing soon, probably this evening since I can never get it together for FMU. I have been waking up in the middle of the night to pee, so I cant imagine too much is stored up in the morning anyway....
Thanks for all the responses! I'm hoping to get on one of the auto ship programs with amazon, so it's a little cheaper for me.    I had some period-like cramping last night, I'm hoping it's just implantation/hormones, but I'm not so optimistic today. It could just be my body being used to AF at the full moon maybe, but I don't know.   Trying to wait until tomorrow or Friday to test again. Wish me luck!    
Meagan, are you taking the B vitamins for any other reason- are you veggie?
Not sure when to test next- I'm thinking I'll hold off as long as possible (which for me, will likely be tomorrow morning...lol) I'm wondering about prenatals now. I'm taking the nature made prenatal with dha, but it's got some scary chemicals and dyes in it, so I want to switch to either the new chapter or garden of life prenatals, and getting a separate omega/dha supplement? What do you ladies think about prenatals in general? What sort of supplements are you taking?
So I am torn between New Chapter and Garden of Life, leaning more toward new chapter. Currently I'm taking Nature Made Prenatal w/ DHA, but they have preservatives that I'm not comfortable with. I wondered what sort of Omega/DHA you guys use, or if you use any?
JPack: Too late, I couldn't resist! I bought a bunch from Save on tests, and I SWEAR there was a very faint, but visible line!!! (As I'm typing this, I realize that this is not helping you guys wait it out...lol) But I will be re-testing next week for sure.  
Yay! New Thread!  J16n33: I felt the exact same way this morning, what are the allergen counts by you? I'm in Austin, and right now we are having a TON of cedar in the air, which I am pretty allergic to.   DoulaRebekah: Please move me to 2ww: AF is due on the 12th and I am trying so hard not to test!   I have been VERY queasy, smells are bothering me, my boobs feel heavy, and I'm MOODY. These are good signs, yes?  
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