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So sorry, LivingSky!  :(
Thanks for adding me!   Blonhrt88, the most common advice is to start dtd when your menstrual bleeding stops and then dtd every second day until your next AF starts or you get a BFP.  That way, early and late ovulation are both covered, there's always sperm present to catch an egg and your dh's sperm has time to replenish.    emilyllmegan, I hear ya!  I wish I could be one of those women who find out at 20w that they're pregnant!  No lie!  But, alas, I always...
I've looked through this forum, but couldn't find a "method" to transition a baby from co-sleeping to own crib, so I thought I might as well ask.  ;)   My 13 month old baby boy was born 5 weeks prematurely and spent 13 days in NICU.  When he came home, he wouldn't have anything to do with co-sleeping and happily slept in his crib.  I missed co-sleeping, but could see the perks of him in his own crib.  When he was about 4 months old, he got croup 3 times and I spent...
Ah nettlesoup, so sorry.  :(   anyalily, I'm floundering with weight loss too.  I was doing so well, but for the past 4 weeks I just haven't been able to stay on track.  Not even close!  I try not to beat myself up about all the progress I've lost, but still feel pretty down about it.   Welcome back CDsMom.  Happy birthday to your sweetie.  He looks super cute!
Hi everyone!  I just wanted to join in with you all.  I'm still b'feeding my 13 month old.  Although I've had two cycles, I'm not sure that I'm ovulating yet.  Please add me to Waiting to be Ready.  Tnx!
I'm sorry, marquess78.  :(    LivingSky,  I'm sorry about your BFN.  Fx for a BFP later in your cycle!  :)   nettlesoup, fx for a nice, clear BFP for you too! gratefulstella, I don't know how I missed it, but just wanted to shout a BIG congrats to you!    AFM, I'm in a holding position at the moment.  I ordered some Maca, hoping it would give my libido a boost.  Sorry if this is TMI, but I just have a zero interest since the birth of my last baby.   I'm...
I just ordered Maca for the first time.  It supposedly increases libido and that is my main reason for trying it.  There are a couple of Maca threads on here, most of them related to conception.  Maca balances your hormone levels and supposedly increases fertility that way.  Just search this forum for Maca and you'll get plenty of discussions from those who have used it.  :)
Congrats Jaxxy!    I think this should be in bold, so please add me to Waiting to be Ready.  :)  Tnx!
Congratulations DayIsComing and marquess78!  I wish you both sticky babies and a wonderful pg ahead!
HI everyone!  I just wanted to peek in and say hi.  :)  I'm raring to go and ttc again, but my dh isn't quite ready yet.  I'm hoping we can reach a place of mutual consent to ttc again soon.  Please add me to Waiting to be Ready.
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