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Great pirate boat!  My kids would have a blast with something like that.  Did you buy the sail?
How much control do you have over what's in the room?  Like, would you be allowed to paint or get rid of some toys? I think clearing out the room would be the most helpful thing.  Once most of the bright plastic toys were gone, it would be easy to change the mood of the room with a few natural play things.  Baskets (can be found cheap at thrift stores) filled with things like pine cones, smooth rocks, and smooth sticks or branch blocks.  Hanging cloth draperies on the...
LOL! Isn't that true, though?  I call my DS my little racoon, because he is always rummaging.
I repurpose just about everything I can.  It makes me feel so thrifty. ;)  I made my girls halloween costures last year from repurposed things. A princess dress from an old silk night gown, and a luna moth costume from an old dress and a flannel sheet.  These placemats and napkins were made from old curtains.
I loved reading your blog post.  Everything looked so warm and loving.  Your birthday story is beautiful.
I was wondering if any of you Mamas out there have ideas on how to tell the rainbow bridge story to twins?  After I heard this story, I told it to my oldest dd (8yrs) , slightly modified, since she is adopted, and she loved it.  I am planing on making it one of our birthday traditions.  My other two children are twins, and I've been trying to figure out how to modify it for them.  Should I just make everything plural?  I need inspiration! 
Thanks for the tips and all the great links!  I have so many ideas on how to make them now.
You should!  It was fun to make, and it's a great way to use up leftover bits and pieces of yarn. 
My little guy loves helping me out.  Especially cooking, but anything really, as long as he sees it as "real" work.  He helps me unload the dishwasher, sweep, mop, dust, and he LOVES to wipe things down.  I just have to watch that he doesn't wet his own rag, because then there's puddles of water everywhere.   He also loves art time.  Painting is all of my kids favorite activity. He is 3 1/2 and has just now gotten into imaginative play.  I think boys develop slower in...
This is a play mat I just finished.  You can see more pics of it, and I describe how I made it, on my blog at www.s-thefiveofus.blogspot.com  It will be for my kids, for this Christmas.  I'm glad I have it finished now, and am not working on it in Dec.
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