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I take my own cloth bags to the grocery store, but I still use the plastic produce bags.  I hate using all these bags, especially since they're so thin, I can't really reuse them for anything else.  I've been thinking about making some cloth ones out of thin muslin, or similar material, but I have a couple of questions for those who are already using cloth produce bags.  My first question is: How do you store your vegetables when you get home? I usually just keep the...
This is the play kitchen I made for my kids last Christmas.  The counter is made from a piece of leftover counter we had after remodeling our kitchen, which I think is neat because it matches our kitchen, and I was able to use something that would have otherwise gone to waste. I make most of my kids toys, and have made everything from Waldorf dolls to a wooden viking ship.  I post pictures of a lot of what I make on my blog. www.s-thefiveofus.blogspot.com  
draft blockers, chair cushion covers, if you have kids, a play rug or play mat.  
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