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Dd got pertussis around her fourth birthday...she was fully vaxed against it! We have no idea where she got it from. She attended day care at the time and none of the other kids got it. Dd proceded to give it to me and I was pregnant w/ ds. I ended up VERY sick w/ bronchitis. We have not vaxed ds for this. We selectively vaxed dd...and at the time I felt this was one of the more important vaxes...and it didn't work! Ds is fully not vaxed.
I say toddler behind the driver because the rear facing seat oftentimes precludes the driver from owning kneecaps!
My dd (turning 6yo) received ALL of her DTaP vaxes (we selectively vaxed w/ her) and came down w/ pertussis just after her 4th bday. Gave it to ME while I was preggo and that was NOT fun! I have no faith in this vaccine at all, and ds has received no vaxes to date, he's 18mo.
Quote: Originally Posted by Firemom I have been on 15 carnival cruises and about 30 total in my lifetime. My son was 4 months old for his first cruise and my dd folowed suit. My kids are Platinum members of carnival. YOu get to this level with 10 cruises I have nursed everywhere on the ship and in every port. Never never have I had a bad comment. I nused my dd at the pool when she was 3. I also nursed her on a beach in Cozumel, Mexico when...
We cruised w/ dd when she was 2.5yo and then again when she was 3.5yo. She was still nursing for both trips but at that point we were only nursing to sleep (naps and nighttime) so I can't comment much on NIP. I do have to add that we had one negative experience w/ another passenger.. not crew. It was an "open seating" night and we took dd w/ us to dinner (it was the trip when she was 2.5yo). We had taken her to the dining room the first night and she didn't do so...
We wrote a letter similar to the one Gitti posted when enrolling my daughter for K last spring. The nurse barely even blinked. They gave me more grief about not providing her social security number!
Quote: Originally Posted by thewaggonerfamily Could you explain how to use tiesdowns? I drive a 12 passenger Chevy Express that's on a 15 passenger wheelbase. We have a Graco double stroller that is usually back there along with a fold up crate that has misc car stuff in it. Sometimes it is packed with stuff back there. There is nowhere back there to tie anything down to. I'm not familiar w/ the Chevy Express, but check your car's manual to...
As a tech I counsel parents on ALL projectiles (not just mirrors or sunshades). Basically I tell parents that if they are comfortable throwing an item at their child's face with all their strength behind it, then it is okay to have it unrestrained in their car (in reality it would be much more force than that in a crash, but it gets the point across). This goes for ANYTHING in the car, umbrellas, pull down sunshades (the clingy ones are fine), "the club," toys, sippy...
In a heartbeat. The laws of physics supercede the laws of man every time!
When they discovered they were pregnant w/ Wren, and told the kids... Zoe replies that she wants a girl... then Hammie says, "I want a TRUCK!" Dh and I bring that strip up all the time we thought it was so funny!
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