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From her last text msg..   Stating that she would rather dh have zero contact and this is a way of doing it..   Yes, Bio mother isnt the smarted cookie. 
Bio Mother, is wanting DH to have zero contact for the 12 months no skype no phone contact.   She is wanting to serve him with court when she gets home.  With I want to take the kids over seas to some country for 12 months at some time after 2014...   Good Luck ..     Yes 52 night is because of Child Support and Family Tax ...    
Update.   Bm will not allow the twins to spend anymore than 52 nights a year with DH..  
She wants to go on a teacher exchange So she will have to come back. Thanks for the feed back and for the points I haunt thought about
not always easy ...
  Bm wants to take the skids over seas to live for 12 months ..  Dh is about to send this to her    That 12 months prior to bm leaving the skids come and live with us, until they leave. With Bm  havine eow and half school holiday contact.     # Once the skids are back from overseas that 50/50 contact will start.     If bm doesnt agree DH will refuse to sign the passports unless court ordered to do so ..     Hope it all works out
I guess I should say hello.     I am 26 year old step mother too 11 year old twin
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