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I'm sorry, but I must STRONGLY disagree with you, because most (though not all) of the experts seem to all agree that there is a difference between early-onset autism and late-onset or regressive autism. Early-onset autism is characterized by either a child hitting a developmental plateau and then failing to develop skills, or by a child having developmental issues from the very beginning.  Regressive autism is characterized by a child's having normal or even advanced...
According to Dr. Puliyel (the head of Pediatrics at St. Joseph Hospital in Delhi), the numbers cited by WHO are completely unreliable.   Also, in areas of extreme poverty, where medical care and facilities are lacking, deaths are as likely as measles cases to go unreported.  If you don't have access to medical care, you don't have access--whether your child has measles, or is dying of complications from measles..
I do firmly disagree with the Salon article author's assessment of "William" ("For me, William’s imaginativeness, as well as the emotional give-and-take in our pretend play interactions, was proof positive that it was folly to consider him autistic in any way.").#1) He is making the very serious error of assuming that autistic children have no imagination.#2)  He couldn't see that William's "pretend play" reenactment ("We reenacted this Hitler-shooting-Stalin scene over...
Not to quibble, but my understanding is that Susan Boyle's IQ test result shows that her IQ is above average.  That's not the same thing as high.
Einemutti, why wasn't your aunt given antitoxin for diphtheria? It was used to successfully treat diphtheria since 1894, according to this http://www.historyofvaccines.org/content/blog/early-uses-diphtheria-antitoxin-united-states
Ah, but Merck told us that 95% would have lifetime immunity from ONE shot, remember? The second jab is meant to catch the 5% who did not develop immunity from the first shot.And their own immunologists launched a whistleblower lawsuit, claiming that Merck knew it was far lower, and falsified data to hide that fact. http://www.examiner.com/article/whistleblowing-virologists-sue-merck-for-alleged-falsification-of-mumps-data
Also, I'd like to know how many unvaccinated students were exposed and didn't get sick, as well as how many vaccinated students were exposed and didn't get sick. For 1000 fully vaccinated 2 (doses!) individuals to come down with mumps over 3 years surely indicates vaccine failure, unless you're saying that100,000 people were exposed.
 Any way you could clarify this?  I still don't understand, and am not sure how to translate these numbers to my specific questions. Thanks!
 I apologize for any confusion.  I did mean that diagnostic criteria had not changed during the time that the children in the studies we were discussing would have been diagnosed in the last two data collections for the official autism rate.  I will go back and edit to clarify.There is absolutely a difference between regressive autism and non-regressive autism.  Please look into it. Saying that it doesn't exist is extremely hurtful to the families of those children who do...
  That was...a suggestion??Wow.  We sure have different definitions of "suggestion."If I saw someone advocating ineffectively, my idea of a suggestion would be to say, "[hey, great idea!] [you have a valid point!] [interesting perspective!] You might be able to be even more effective if you suggest some specific standards or guidelines, along with well-supported reasons why those would be more appropriate than what currently exists."I do not think a "suggestion" includes...
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