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Great thread!  I'm glad I stumbled across this.  My kids (8, 5 and 2) will be present and I've been wondering the best ways to prepare them.
Me :) Due 8/5.  I keep checking back for an Aug DDC but still not up...  
Hi, mamaDobbs!  Welcome to NC :) We're stationed in Jacksonville, too.  I'm having a hb with Olivia Marshburn (http://www.midwiferyservices.net/index.html).  She does not accept Tricare.  I am not sure about pregnancy medicaid, though.  I am 13w and have had one appt and one long interview with her.  And I seriously love her.  Let me know if you have any questions. :)  
My husband and I are happy to be expecting our last little one in August.  I'm new to these forums, and am looking forward to using all you mamas as part of my mothering village. :)   Nice to meet you!   Nikki
Thank you for responding! I will check the resources thread and see what info I can find for NC. We are not using a midwife. Will that make a difference with getting a bc? I'll call the office too and see what they say. Thanks for getting me started! I appreciate the help. 
My name is Nikki. I'm almost 10w pregnant with our fourth baby. My OB care has been assigned to the naval hospital here where we are stationed, and while I plan on attending prenatal appts there, we would like to plan for a free birth.    I'm appealing to you smart ladies to point me in the direction to start that preparation. How do I register the birth? What do I do after the birth (ie, baby's checkup)? Do I share my intentions with my provider? And any other...
Hi!  I know this thread was from awhile ago, but I was wondering how it went with your birth.  We are a USMC family.  I am pregnant with our 4th, and we would like a UC this time.  I have no idea how to do this, logistically.  I have had one prenatal appt at Naval.  Do I just attend appts, then just not go to the hospital when babe is on his/her way?  How do I get a birth certificate?  How did it go for you, with getting the babe checked after?  Any advice would be very...
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