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I will send the troop leader an email. I will get back to you. Thanks, Mary Ann Morris
I'm good in June. August is extremely busy with school starting and back to school shopping. I have 5 kids in school this next year, so I'm down one, but still....June is best for me. The state fair is in August also, and that is my families only so-called vacation time.  I would so look forward to any meetings/classes for doula training. Thanks, for keeping me in the loop! Mary Ann, Anchorage
Hey,   I have delivered at both hospitals. I had two children  (daughters) at Providence, and two deliveries at Regional Hospital; one daughter, and then twin sons, 5 1/2 weeks premature. I liked Regional because their birthing rooms are huge! You had your own bathroom also. At Providence I had to share a bathroom and shower??? Really! The NICU was very good and very informational for me. We were lucky as both my sons came home 1 day after me and the other came home...
Hello,   My name is Mary Ann, from Anchorage, and though my daughter is not a Daisy, I could pass a message along to the Daisy troop at my kids school. I'm sure they would be thrilled to help out! We have some awesome leaders up here. What are your thoughts? Thanks, Mary Ann
Thank you for replying so quickly!   How many doulas are there in Anchorage? How many couples does a doula normally schedule?   I did sit down to check out other options for me, as I ran across the online classes. I definitely believe I will enroll in those, though there are a combination of classes and I'm wondering....will I become a well-rounded doula to research them all? Knowledge is empowering, so I'm thinking yes...do all of them! What are your thoughts?...
Hello January and a new year! I too, am looking for information on doula training this year. I have nine children of my own and have had many different birth experiences. Each one I believe could have been better with a doula in toe. My daycare kids, as well as my own children define who I am and where I can go in the future. I look forward to learning all about becoming the best doula I can be and moving forward. Could someone please provide the necessary information I...
New Posts  All Forums: