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She's 9, dont worry about it.
  It will depend on what career the kids choose, DD1 states her desire of going to Germany, Switzerland or whatever German speaking country and go to Med School, she's a EU citizen so that prices wont be very high ( even though they've been getting higher each year) so I'm not really worried. It will worry me, however, if one of them decides that they want to go to school in the US, i've heard it's really expensive.
Allright nobody answered my question but here's my 2 cents.   I was born into a wealthy family in Switzerland, I attended a public school which I suppose they are entirely different from the ones in the States or here in Australia for that matter, we were wealthy, I grew up multilingual not really because Switzerland is a multilingual country, but because my parents are from different countries ( different languages culture, etc). I was rich growing up really, my...
This is pretty much the American kind of wealth, isn't it?  
Well I guess I will not be getting a Bully, I don't really have a problem with vet bills but I do want a dog that can keep up with my kids but not overall energetic (say Lab) ?  My grandmother has a Boston Terrier and he's a jerk, mind you he's not really used to be around children but still, he's a little jerk. I wanted a pug, but DH doesn't like them, this is hard LOL   What about staffies? I've heaver they are good with children.
This thread is just... I don't know, sad? And I'm not referring to the mammas that replied to the OP.
  DD1 looks a lot like her bio dad, she has his forehead (dare I say its a little big), his eyes (shape), his lips, his ears,she's him in looks and personality but in a girl and blonde, she's got my dad's colouring, blonde, blue eyed, Honestly I just know she's mine because I gave birth to her but she doesn't look like me at all. Well, except maybe the nose, but that's not from me directly it's from my  extended family.    DD2 looks mostly like  DH, she has Dh's...
Does anyone here has experiences with English Bulldogs? I've always wanted to have one and I dont know anybody that owns one. I finally convinced my DH to get a dog for the kids, I was going to get them a Chow Chow, but they told DH that they tend to be aggressive and overall not good with small kids, I grew up with one and personally she was a doll but I do understand my Dh's POV. So, the next dog in my list is a bulldog, I have read that they are amazing and very...
Well I'm a Sahm right now but I don't even know if I should say "I am" or "I was" but oh well... I was a surgeon, a cardio surgeon, I finished all my training and I practiced for several months then the fact that I was just giving birth to the kids without really raising them hit me. But I ADORE and MISS my job, oh I miss the hospital, the OR....
I was 23 with my first, 29 with my second, 30 with my third and 33 with my fourth
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