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Quote: Originally Posted by mummy marja Are you offended if you get invited to a wedding w/out your dc? Yes, weddings are about two families coming together and the DCs are part of that family. Quote: Would you go to a wedding w/out your Dc? It depends on the DC. If DC was still a nursling, no. If DC was able to parted from momma and poppa for a few hours, yes. It also depends on who invited us. If it was close family...
Quote: Originally Posted by heartmama I will be really suprised if they answer you here. They've had that policy for years. Surprises? You want to talk surprises? I would have been surprised if you didn't reply in this thread.:
Will it take $400,000 to learn that the Wiggles are loyal officers in the Galactic Confederacy?
We went to their Chicago show yesterday and DD had a blast! Actually DH and I had a pretty good time too. I was totally squicked out by the number of adult fans who were in costume. I don't even think some of them had children.:
Quote: Originally Posted by 1growingsprout how would you fly? you have the baby and the toddler in carseats and the 5 yr old.. so you need 4 seats dont the airlines have them in groups of THREE?? so then who is going to sit alone? And who will carry all those carseats? It's rare to find airline personnel who will help and other passengers look right through a mother who needs help as if she doesn't exist. The only problem with the road...
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaDaednu I hope they get caught and in serious crap for it. What is your definition of serious crap?
At least BIL didn't kill anyone.
The growing trend is to not invite children.
Quote: Originally Posted by RiverSky What was the mybabydaddy thread about? I think I missed it. It was a thread about the term 'babysmomma'.
Quote: Originally Posted by noorjahan How much they are charging for an adult in that Viewliner..? $200 with military discount.
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