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You are only young once.
Ellipsis are (very) hot.
I've never seen that site before! I flove it!
This guy is a Big Pharma plant being used to discredit the 'natural' movement. He speaks of conspiracy theories, but he is a part of the conspiracy.
You don't need to send flowers or call her! She's being an unreasonable biatch bridezilla. Hanging up on you like that with a "whatever", so childish.
I really wanted the characters to fall in wuv.
House fans, watch this MAD TV spoof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwIbz9SEzRI (Starts 28 seconds in)
I didn't know it was still practiced until a previous thread with this same topic.
What is a Kinkajou? Is it like a Pikachu?
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