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Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla You don't know the whole story. Perhaps these two moms knew each other and Woman B has made a habit of mooching off of Woman A, and Woman A is finally putting her foot down. You're right. I don't know the whole story but it was obvious that these two women didn't know each other at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla Maybe Woman A's baby has sensitive skin, and she has buy him expensive sunblock, and can't afford to replace it if it gets used up on strangers. It was the pink bottle baby sunblock you can find anywhere.... ... my sunblock was California Baby.
Around 22 months my daughter stopped wanting to nurse. Maybe it's a 6 month long strike?
Today DH, DD and I sent to the Chocolate Festival, which is pretty much just like a county fair. We were sitting down eating some funnel cake and across the paved 'road' there were two women, both with babies. I'm pretty sure they were strangers. Woman A was putting sunblock on her maybe 4-month-old and I could hear the other mother ask if she can use some of her sunblock because she left her's in the car (and believe me that was quite the walk) and she was worried...
Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, welcome to the world.
Poah Poah Zoah (sp?) are lyrics from Kevin's rap song that was leaked earlier in the year. It went something like "poah poah poah poppa zoah poppa zoah - in portugese it means bring your ass something something something." They made fun of it a lot on TALK SOUP and on Conan they had James Lipton of INSIDE THE ACTOR'S STUDIO seriously read the lyrics.
The sign is psyops.... You walk in, see the sign and remember that Fido is overdue for his DHLPP... then the next thing you see is their in-house veterinary clinic with a big ol' "We take walk-ins!" sign.....
Do they have a toddler seat available?
Congrats to her. Maybe now she can finally get over Tony? CSec.... disappointing.
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