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Congrats on your girls! They're beautiful! We liked preemie prefolds and preemie litewraps. They fit well until right before 9 lbs then she was in nb/small.
Yeah, that bugs me too. When I was pregnant with dd, a friend asked if I was going to try to breastfeed and I said, "no, I'm GOING to breastfeed." Then I got the, "well, what if you have problems and it doesn't work out?" I told her I'd get help and keep nursing. Then dd was born 12 weeks early. While dd was still in the NICU, we went to a get together at a different friends house, and she was there. She kind of smirked and said, "well, I guess your not breastfeeding...
Dh just showed me an article about this: http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_1541732.html According to the article it took 40 women 5 years to knit the skin out of 2200 lbs of wool. Crazy.
In our last place we had a spirit/ghost. When we first moved in, I'd lay Eli (then 1) down for a nap and he'd laugh and "talk" for hours all by himself. Every so often, I'd see something out the corner of my eye, or walk into a cold spot, or something would be out of place. It never bothered me so I just ignored it. A couple of years ago we got new neighbors and her mom could communicate with spirits. I asked her to come up and see what she thought. She told me it...
Did they take it down or is the link wrong? I tried a couple of browsers but I'm getting nothing.
Wow! That is amazing, it must have taken forever. What yarn did you use?
I think I'm a good mom for the most part. I need some work, but who doesn't? My dad once told me I was a good mom. Best compliment I ever received
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