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Almost 5 years ago we adopted a puppy from a rescue organization. The puppy was actually born at the facility and we were able to meet her mother, who was a ~45lb boxer and beautiful. Our sweet girl is now ~95 lbs I will freely admit that she is too much dog for us...our house is too small, she is too big and knocks DS over, her barking annoys us and the neighbors, etc. Last night DS went to kick her new toy and she got territorial and bit DS on the foot. No blood, but...
Man do these hurt!! I did get these during my last pregnancy and I guess they resolved on their own. My nutrition and water intake have been so much better lately it is hard to believe these would be a result of nutrient deficiency. I guess I really do have to start walking every day and maybe doing some exercise right before bed. Perhaps it is a circulation issue. Anyone else experiencing these? Any miracle cures? Thanks!
Congrats on BFAR! I'm sure you already know of this resource, but the forums at http://www.bfar.org/ were SO HELPFUL to me when I was having supply issues with DS. I wasn't BFAR, but these women really know their stuff about increasing supply. I also got the pump they suggested (Whittlestone), which I liked far better than the Pump In Style Advance or the Ameda Purely Yours (yes, I purchased them all and then some...). Also, if it becomes necessary, I just wanted to say...
I'm not in your DDC, but I strongly suggest you read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin. I'm sure you can check it out from your library. A very very informative book! It certainly isn't too late to switch to a homebirth, and you could continue to see your OB for backup if that would make you more comfortable in the event of a transfer (just don't mention it to your OB). I do have one friend who had a positive hospital experience despite high blood pressure....
Not in your DDC, just wanted to make sure you know about http://www.spinningbabies.com/. Good luck! Laura
I didn't read the thread linked above, but I LOVED my Lilypadz and will be getting two sets this time! The only issue I ever had was leaking if I got very engorged, but I think you will encounter that with just about any pad. For this reason, you might want to use backup or a different pad during the first few weeks while your supply becomes established. Laura
Congrats and Welcome! I'm in Athens, so not too far from you. This will be my first birth with a MW (HBAC). PM me if you are willing to give me any advice on the MW front...I've hired a MW apprentice in Augusta and her senior midwife from Atlanta. I'd love to hear your MW experiences! Laura
What about the "Princess" and "Prince" stuff? NEWSFLASH: It's NOT all about you! I think so many of the negative issues we face, especially in America, are due to this "the world is about me and my desires and I have no personal responsibility" attitude that is so pervasive.
http://home.mindspring.com/~djsnjones/id35.html (Brewer diet and swelling) http://www.blueribbonbaby.org/brewer...lan-checklist/ (the basic plan...not really as much food as it seems like, you just have to think in advance a bit) Theresa, the inventor of T-Tapp, is nice enough to put several of her exercises online for FREE, and the one that works the best for reducing swelling can be found here: http://www.ttapp.com/articles/legs/ This is the T-tapp main...
My ankles have been swelling and I agree that the sock impressions are not pretty. The Brewer diet has certainly helped, and T-Tapp is making a huge difference, as well. I think if I was taking alfalfa the problem would be totally solved. That stuff is so gross, though... Laura
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