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Well the pains lasted about a day and a half but I've been feeling great since yesterday afternoon and I'm back on the Brewer diet. Just finished a breakfast worth 38g of protein Thanks so much for all the advice! I have an appt with my midwife in two days for more reassurance.
Thanks for responding I'm going to call my midwife in a few minutes just to be on the safe side. What is the best way to treat for a UTI? Do I have to get antibiotics? Surely not...
All day I have been feeling kinda bleh and having mild menstrual type cramping that I feel in my back and lower abdomen. I never felt any BH contractions during my last pregnancy and pretty much everything I read about them just says they feel like a "tightening" sensation, and these do not. I'm also not feeling very hungry today but I'm not nauseated and everything else feels fine. I went to the chiropractor yesterday so maybe that has something to do with it? I can't...
Thanks! It was so exciting to have my gut feeling confirmed! We tried to find out the gender at 18 weeks and she had her legs crossed. BTW, this means the Jonas method of fertility awareness and gender selection worked for us http://lunarium.co.uk/jonas.php
OP, I'm glad you were able to make the right decision for your family. To others who may find themselves in a similar situation, please consider taking an extra wrapped gift or two in case a family forgets or is unable to provide a gift. Oh the devastation for the child who doesn't receive a present from Santa! One would hope the teacher/organizer of such an event would consider this, but you can never count on that.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PINK!!!!!!!!!!!! : : :
We opted not to do the screening test, but did have an ultrasound at 18 weeks. Everything looked great but the baby wouldn't reveal his/her gender!! I will decline GD testing but will get tested for GBS, mostly so I have proof of a negative result in case I have to go to the hospital. If you don't have proof, they automatically assume that you are positive and start the antibiotics. The ultrasound Dr offered for me to come back in 5 weeks to get a better view of the...
Well SO DO WE!!!! Our baby looked great at the ultrasound today and was measuring at exactly 18 weeks, but had his or her legs folded and wouldn't budge for us! The doctor thinks this baby is a girl, but told me not to buy anything pink yet We have another u/s scheduled in 5 weeks to get some better pictures of the heart and hopefully we'll know the gender for sure at that point. This is really starting to feel real!
Not in your DDC, but search within the April '08 DDC threads and you'll find some discussion about EC. One of my posts has A LOT of resources/links! Best of luck! Laura
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