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Oh I just reread my post and I wasn't clear. I meant addition colors to the ones they released (which are cute by the way)
We've used them since January and they work super for us. We couldn't use their cover for nighttime or long naps, but started putting the gdiaper inserts in a Bumgenius and it is fabulous. Even with two gdiaper inserts in the BG at night, it is uber trim. I am putting my next baby in all gdiapers inserts and using a combination of BG's and G dipe covers. An added bonus is that using these inserts cuts my diaper laundry down to one small load a week. Gdiapers is also...
Does anyone know? I'm working on a newborn stash of these and would love some girlie pink or purple. Are they planning to add more colors options? I'm trying to decide if I should wait or not to order.
We've been using them for about 2 months and I love them. The covers are soft and do not leave marks. The inserts will also work fine in Bummis, Bumpy covers and my fleece PWP and Loveybums covers. No luck yet at nighttime (didn't have leak free nights with cloth either), but I'm still experimenting with different covers. You can also use prefolds with the covers. I'll be honest, after a year and of half of doing cloth I was tired of it and my son also had medical...
After 18 months of cloth diapering, we are gdiapers users. And I'm proud of it. I like the company and I really hope they are successful. They aren't going to convince hard core cloth users away from cloth. I think the odds are much better that they will get a few disposable converts. That isn't a bad thing IMO. My son's pediatric urologist (from a hospital ranked in the top 10 in U.S. for pediatrics...just saying that I trust her judgement) recommended that we...
I use almost all fleece exclusively for the same reasons you mentioned about skin irritation. My favorites are Loveybums, Patchwork Pixie, and Angel Wraps Angel Wraps are the enclosed style elastic (T&T style).
Katina's are great! www.lullabydiapers.com She has some in stock also on the hyena cart.
Hello, I have been using cloth now for 18 mos on my son. Recently, under the advice of his pediatric urologist, we had to stop using cloth. His urethral opening got scar tissue from some sort of rubbing a while back. He went through a minor surgery and we are now sort of cloth-scared. Anyway, he's been in sposies and I recently found this product. It is a good middle ground for me. First, I am not opposed to (after doing my research) using SAP. I am admittedly,...
I just had to respond to this post. You all have picked some of my favorites! And Joanne picked my beloved Alaska longies by Karen at KSS. We had her make those to remember my son's birthplace. They are so special to us, and also my personal fav
AIO's....Daisy Doodles and PWP Fleece Pockets...only use at night...Lullaby Dreams pocket fitteds Fitteds...El bee Wool Cover...don't really use much anymore, but Kiwi Pie Knit wool Cover--Righteous Baby Wooly Pullie Wool pants--Kool Sheep Soakers, Wonderful Woolies, Scandanavian Skies PUL cover--Don't use Other????--Fleece Pants from REI
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