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They think he has nerve damage. Can't feel part of his hand. He's getting shuffled around to different doctors (worker's comp). I feel so sad and heartbroken. I know it's minor compared to all of the other worse possibilities, but he's never been injured like this. And DD won't eat or nap. It's making everything so much harder. And he had to rush out to make the appointment so I couldn't go with him. Just sitting at home with an irritable baby and my own worries. I so...
Thank you both! He got temporary stitches but has to see a surgeon tomorrow to find out if he needs surgery. We're anxious but God is giving us his peaceful reassurance that all will be good according to his plan. I'll let you know when we talk to the surgeon. Thank you again for your prayers!!
Quick prayer request: DH got hurt at work. Cut his hand badly. He thinks it will need stitches. I'm going to sit with him at the hospital now.
Just prayed for you, Naz! God is there with you, closer and more understanding than anyone else!
Lilac, I agree about the cash flow versus budget. I'm glad you said that! The budget has felt so forced and strained. For whatever reason, recording all of our purchases and then looking for areas to cut back each month feels much more natural for us, which results in better success.
It sounds more like satan has you distracted than that you're suffering a mental illness. Or is there some situation in your life that has you feeling out of control? Maybe you're subconsciously focused on the furniture because it's something that you can control? Could you be experiencing a sensory issue that makes you feel like the couches are uncomfortable? Do other people agree with your desire to change the furniture? Another big thought is that nothing on this...
Hi Bobcat! As far as I know, this is a great place to come to with prayer requests! I'm so sorry your spirit is in so much turmoil. I can feel your pain and will pray for you now. Dearest God, thank you for your many blessings in our lives! Thank you especially for giving us your son in order to protect our souls from torment. Your sacrifice makes the hardships of this world temporary and surmountable! Please bring your peace and comfort to Bobcat right now, Lord. Let her...
Stay safe and warm, Naz!
It seems normal here...
That's how I would describe hearing God's voice also (both of your descriptions). If it's persistent and not my normal thoughts/perspective, it's almost always God. If it's speaking against someone, I usually wait on it more in case it's my own worldly heart and not God.
New Posts  All Forums: