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I agree with @sageowl. DD (14 months) has a couple ounces of chamomile tea nightly before bed. I drink the rest of the cup so it will relax her on the next feed. I've read this is safe for babies of all ages as long as it's straight chamomile. Also, we've started giving DD a "heavy" food before bed. Like a healthy pumpkin pancake or hard boiled egg yolk. This has helped her immensely.
Yes, this is me! Just subbing for now but will add more during my next break from DD.
Yay! So glad!!
Praying for a safe, happy, spirit-filled labor to start at just the right time!
Welcome, PacificMar! What a beautiful little girl! And I really like her name. It sounds so regal. That's great that you're able to bring your daughter to work with you. I bet she enjoys it! I have a question: for those observing Christmas, what do you do to keep the ornaments safe from our little explorers? We have left the bottom portion of the tree undecorated (which looks a little funny), but DD still seems to love yanking the branches, etc. Also, what holiday...
I never planned to bed-share either. I had the Arm's Reach co-sleeper but DD didn't want anything to do with it. I agree with PPs that your current set up doesn't sound adequately safe. Until pretty recently (DD is now 14 mos), I tucked the blankets in at the bottom of the bed to hold them securely at waist height. DH can help you get the positioning right. I also only slept with one flat pillow. I slept in long-sleeved shirts or a tight sweatshirt/zip-up to keep my upper...
We call it "milkies." Sometimes singular or plural, depending on context. DD (14mos) has said "mil" (like MEAL), so that may be what she intends to call it also. I just love when she attacks me, furiously signing "milk" and trying to move my shirt to find the Milkies. She's so intense, it's funny. :-)
Or Becoming Debt Free? Still has "debt" but is a more positive spin. Good suggestion, orangemomma.
That's really interesting, 3lilchunklins, about Christmas vs. Christmas trees. I think I was aware that the tree, Santa, etc., are pagan rituals but wasn't aware that they're mentioned specifically in the bible. Gives us much to consider.
Hard week here also. A similar thing happened to me, Nazsmum, but I was the "no show." It was all a misunderstanding, unfortunately. I thought it was a casual get together and they were expecting me there at a specific time, on the dot. They actually called to chew me out about it while en route to their house. They didn't make an effort to understand when I explained the misunderstanding and cancelled on me. Then they cancelled again when I didn't show up (because I was...
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