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     Quote:   Aimed at you?  Why in the world would you assume that?  I was speaking generally about how I feel about likes.    And I'm not sure why you say "refusing to budge" when what I was doing was stating my opinion about the matter in response to your assertion that one should not ascribe value to likes. I just have a different opinion than you, and your TAO thread didn't sway me.   And I meant it when I said feel free to block me.  That doesn't mean I have to...
  Kathy, things aren't all about you. Believe it or not, I wasn't even thinking about you when I made my original comment about liking.   Feel free to block me and quit responding to me if I upset you. As for the stalking, believe me, you are not that important to me to spend time stalking you.  I just disagree with a lot of what you've had to say lately, and I've been speaking up more, and I'm tired of the double standards.   ETA - oh I see you took the bit out about...
      Quote:   Well that's interesting, but I really can't imagine liking a post with a line it in it that I really disagreed with.  Not agreeing completely with every little line, sure.  Thinking a line is really inappropriate, not so much. 
  I'm not looking for an argument with you about it. You seemed dismissive and argumentative which seemed unnecessary given what was posted. That was all I really had to say.
  That thread must have gone on more after I read it then because I did not get that when I read it. It seemed people needed to agree with it for the most part. Anyway, I wouldn't like a post if there was something offensive in it that I didn't agree with even if I agreed with a lot of the post. If I wouldn't feel comfortable posting it or quoting it and yeah thating it, I usually wouldn't like it.  There are lots of posts here on this forum by people I generally agree...
      Quote:   She was posting some of the reasons she vaccinates on a thread about a case for vaccination. I'm not sure what point you're trying to make by telling her she can follow the schedule if she wants and that you don't care what she does.      ETA -  I noticed you went back and changed "you" to "individual" later which makes it sound a bit better. 
Lots of people have been rude and have liked rude comments around here.   I think picking on one person about it is sort of a double standard.   Anyway, some of the stuff people say here and online in general makes me feel like I live on a different plant than them. That's not necessarily rude. Just means our realities are very different.
  Well that explains my wrong thread.  It must have happened mid-post and I was like what the?  I thought I accidentally posted to the other thread with the same name on this forum.
 oops wrong thread
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