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Here it is! http://www.mothering.com/community/a/the-case-for-vaccination I tried to mostly stick to primary sources, but I know at least one other website, vaccine times, is mentioned. They had some good info but I think it's now defunct, or at least isn't adding more information. The anti anti vax website is also good, if kind of bare boned.
I like that website, too. I posted an article on mothering back in the day called the case for vaccination. I wonder if it's still around or if all the articles bit it during the redesign.
The risks of ultrasound are mostly speculation. There's not a lot of formal evidence for their safety, either, though (just decades of use.). I tnk the common sense approach is to try and keep them limited to one or two. The anatomy scan, for example, at 20 weeks is about more than just finding out gender and sipping it would come with its own risks.
I'm one child of seven. Growing up there were six kids and we had a Volvo station wagon, so we had one more kid than seats. My dad infamously installed a poll in the "way back" and mounted my sisters car seat on it so we would all fit.
I think our mw only does the 20 wk anatomy scan. There are lots of other signs for twins, hopefully they'd hear the heart beat! But I guess you wouldn't be SURE until then
I"m sure there will be plenty of people un-facebooking and plenty of people doing both :)
Nm! Copying to his page for anyone else looking. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1407207919494069
I could set one up. What do y'all prefer? Secret or closed? Closed make it easier for people to find but people may notice you're in it (posts want show up in your feed or anything). If its secret its a pain for people to join at first, though.
I would like a FB group. It's easier to check in than a seperate website. Has anyone set one up yet?
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