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I have a 7/11 baby! Didn't do a DDC that time, though. She was technically due in June.
I really want to wait until our first midwives appt, but it's not until sept 26!!
I'm still nursing my two year old, but really hoping she weans during this pregnancy.  I have no interest in tandem nursing and I'm ready for her to be done.  I tried to night wean here a few months ago and it was a complete disaster.
I havent' gained any weight but I have miraculous gained like four inches between my waist and butt.
I'm hoping to deliver at the same birth center we used last time.  Labor at home as long as possible, then go there and jump in the huge tub!  Last time I was only there for about four hours before I delivered.  
I'm not having any cravings or anything.  I'm trying ot eat lots of fruits and vegetables and not gain any weight the first trimester.  Last time i got a little carried away "eating for two."  I only gained 20 pounds over all, but gained more at the beginning than was necessary.  I added hemp hearts to my green smoothie for the first time this morning.  Apparently they have lots of protein?  I could definitely taste them but it wasn't objectionable at all.  Other...
My name is Rachel and I'm due at the end of april.  Haven't had a first appointment yet, but around the 19th.  I went 9 days over last time, though, so who knows :)  Maybe May!  This is my second child.
I'm taking the new chapter prenatals, too.  I really like them.  I took the rainbow light prenatals last pregnancy.  I take fish oil and high potency vitamin D, too.  The fish oil is what always made me sick last pregnancy.  Now it take it right before bed and I'm ok.
Fortunately vaers is not the only source for estimates on frequency of adverse events.
There are a mix of people here. Some are more "pro vax" and some are more reluctant selective vaxxers. Different threads probably appeal to different people.
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