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This is about like us,but our water is fluoridated. Brushing more often (im lucky if she lets me brush them once a day!) or not night nursing is just not feasible right now, so I'm letting myself off the hook.I don't really know much about the controversy around fluoridated water, but my impression is there's not actually much controversy among mainstream scientists about the safety and effectiveness?
So you're comparing rates of tb with no vaccine to rates of hep b and tetanus with a vaccine?
Are those Pre vaccine era rates? And yes hep b is very under reported. Several times ver, I think like ten times is the estimate but I can't remember for sure.
And by other vaccines you mean pertussis? It's a trade off between how common and serious the disease is and how effective and safe the vax is. How common are reactions to bcg compared to dtap? How common is the disease in the us? I certainly hope acip does a lot more than just recommend everything over a certain percent efficacy.
I think most people find that headline a reasonable representation of the study.
Of course te wrong to distort information, but that's not what this is. Te study is about too many too soon AS QUANTIFIED BY ANTIGENS. I'm so sick of hearing about this. You have to quantify it somehow. This is one way. Is it perfect? No. Is it the only way? No. Is it a legitimate way? Yes. There is no one perfect study.
Yours is more detailed but the headline as is is accurate. It's not ok to distort information, but that's not what's happening. You seriously think USA today is going to write a headline with the word polysaccharide in it?
That's a completely accurate representation of that study.
I don't think they're actually misinforming people.
That's a good point Emmy. The bias towards negative messages may be true for a lot of different topics not just vaccines.
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