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Those headlines are not at all catchy. Journalists are accountable for their work. Often the same person who writes the article doesn't write the headline. People who want to be informed can take the extra two minutes and read teh article.
So headlines should be like four pages long? That seems reasonable to you? It's not just vaccines, it's literally every news story on every topic. Where is this expectation that the headline should tell the whole story coming from and how in the world do people consider it reasonable?
It just seems like there have been a lot of noses out of joint lately over headlines that don't contain every detail of a study, which I find a little eyebrow raising.
Yeah so much misinformation of all kinds gets posted over and over and over.
Kathy that's kind of what the media does. Their job is too sell newspapers/generate clicks.
Dinah I thought surely everyone loved the polio vax too. My time here at mothering ha taught me that is not the case.
The authors specifically address the limitation and say further research needs to be done with different vaccines.
Of course you can't extrapolate how twitter feels about vaccines in general from this study. I'm not sure trying to is really the point.
So by the left you mean the political left?
Yeah I don't like pro vax and anti vax either. They are often the simplest terms, though. What do you mean by "the left?"
New Posts  All Forums: