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Sure, it's easy to miss. Especially since they didn't actually say shingles, they said HZ, abbreviating for herpes zoster.
I had to have a buckle that broke replaced on my ergo. Before they would send me a new one I had to take close up pictures of like fifteen different random parts and send them to them!
I drank coffee throughout my pregnancy. I generally tried to keep it to two cups or less a day.
Is this the article? http://healthimpactnews.com/2013/30-scientific-studies-showing-the-link-between-vaccines-and-autism/
Serenbat believe it or not I'm pretty well educated on a variety of issues. Particular special education issues as it happens. I don't always need to read your links. It's not that children with disabilities weren't in school (although certainly depending on the era some of them weren't) but they were more likely to go undiagnosed.
I guess it depends on whether you think you're more likely to find something once you actually start looking. I think that when schools started going looking for kids with disabilities they started finding them. If you disagree with that I'm not sure what else to say.http://www.childfindidea.org/
I'm not convinced we would be very good at detecting moderate autism in previous generations is all I'm saying. Severe autism sure, although it might've sometimes been called something else. But I guess it depends a lot on what you mean by "moderate"
Serenbat these laws require schools to actively identify and serve students with special needs, including autism. Starting at birth school systems have to provide services, like project child find, that actively seek out children with special needs. I don't see how that could possibly not impact diagnosis.
Yes it is a trade off. And one I don't think is very clear cut in terms of public health policy. However, given that the us policy is what it is, the best chance i can give my child of not getting shingles is to get them vaccinated vs letting them be naturally infected.
Serenbat, there was a lot of legislation involved for one thing. http://nichcy.org/laws I also think attitudes towards seeking help and diagnosis has changed in the last half century or so, but that's more a hunch than anything I have data to support.
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