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I haven't reviewed your math, but I don't think it's fair to assume moderate autism wouldn't be caught in previous generations.
And I specifically clarified that by most I meant anywhere north of half. That's very different than vast majority.Dakota, I saw a small study recently that applied the urgent criteria to a group of adults screened as children for some type of delay and found 40% of them would qualify as autistic under current criteria, both severe and mild.Again, the changing criteria is far from the only influence at play. Our approach to identifying special needs children has changed...
Like I said, I am in no way saying what they did was right. Just pointing out what te argument is likely to be.
Not off the cuff, no.  I haven't read up on it lately.  I think there is some relevant research out there, I'll see if I can dig it up.
Who said vast majority?
When you're considering the increase in something like autism remember, too, that special Ed services have changed drastically since the 70s. Things like project child find didn't exist back then. That makes a huge difference.
I don't see where dakotacakes claimed there was no real increase, in autism or allergies, but you know what they say about me and reading.
Yeah sorry autocorrect really did a number on that. It should say something to the effect that I think most of the increase is due to improved diagnosis/changing diagnosis criteria, where most is something more than half.
The standard of care is both when there's a confirmed positive result and the vaccine within 12 hours when the status is not known.
This is all part of why I didn't want to birth in a hospital.
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