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My medical provider was very clear about waiting until six months. She asked about it and reminded us at each well baby visit and explained why it was important. I know a LOT of women who start before then and even before 4 months, though.
And how is a substance going to get surrounded by white blood cells before it gets to the bloodstream?http://www.worldallergy.org/public/allergic_diseases_center/anaphylaxis/anaphylaxis.php
This just doesn't make sense. People who have egg allergies have anaphylactic reactions to vaccines. It happens very rarely but it happens. People with severe peanut allergies can get anaphylaxis from topical contact. It's not just swelling at the point you come into contact with the allergen. This is an odd claim. So something that is consumed, like a peanut butter sandwich, gets into the bloodstream and causes anaphylaxis more quickly and frequently than...
This, for example. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/anaphylaxis/DS00009 It sure sounds like its a lot more than some swelling due to contact with the allergen. It sounds much more systemic.
I disagree with almost all of that.
And I'm not sure that characterization of anaphylaxis is correct based on some other things I'm reading. Do you have any verification for that?
Then why DO some people have an anaphylactic reaction after vaccination?
This is exactly what I was going to say but put much better. Dentists are often misinformed on this issue.The only thing I will add is that the mechanics of nursing come into play, too. Breastmilk from a bottle would be totally different. Because if the way babies hold the breast in their mouths the milk doesn't bathe the entire mouth the way it does drinking from a cup or a bottle and it doesn't pool in their mouths the same...
Oh ok, I was just confused because I asked what YOU thought and you referred me to the article.   I didn't say I would never worry about it again, but yes, I find the results reassuring.
I'm so sorry that happened.  
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