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All risk is "potential," Kathy. That's what makes it risk and not causation.
Well that says it all.I'll try to come up with a more comprehensive post later. There is a great post on I think sciencebasedmedicine.org that fact checks the book. That's probably what I linked before.Dinah he's making money off a lot more than just the book. It's not about using or not using VAERS, it's about how you use it. Well fraudulent reports might get weeded out, by nature there's NO effort made to distinguish between events due to random chance and actual causation.
Not to mention the completely baseless claim that his alternative schedule is any safer. It's baked by zero research or even credible scientific theory.
The way he presents the risks of the various diseases and uses VAERS is completely misleading, for one.  The research he presents on aluminum.  That's just off the top of my head.  We've been through all this before.  
Vaccines carry risk.  Not vaccinating carries risk in that you leave yourself more vulnerable to VPD and their complications.  1 in 1000 people who get measles die.  More than that get serious complications like encephalitis or pneumonia.     I respect peoples choice not to vaccinate if they decide that's whats best for them and their family, but saying there's no risk or consequence of that decision, or even that the risk is just "potential," is lying to yourself.
Of course groups can be in error. I just think its less likely. Tobacco companies had their experts but they did NOT have the scientific consensus on their side.
The aap does not recommend routine infant circumcision.
Double post.
Yah, always best not to rely n a single individual too much, md or otherwise, and look instead at scientific consensus and recommendations by groups of experts like aap and acip.
I don't know that I've said any such thing about those others, but yes, I think dr bob is a very savvy business man.
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