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Have you actually fact checked his various claims, or did you just role with it?  There are a lot of misleading statements, if not outright falsehoods.  Not at all surprised we got different things out of it, though :)   I do think he tries to take a more moderate view and ultimately supports parental choice.  I certainly wouldn't call him vehemently anti vax, either.  I think he's ultimately pro business, and he was one of the first to realize there was money to be...
Like I said, turquesa, probably more a great example of how those labels aren't very meaningful.
Well then you should stop cursing!
Who swore?
It doesn't matter what he says on Facebook? Really? That's one of the more wtf statements I've seen on here. Why in the world do his public statements outside of his published books not matter? He's probably more an example of how the labels pro and anti vax just don't work very well. My bigger issue is he's not very well informed and misrepresents the issues in his book. I don't think it's intentional, I just don't think he knows any better.
Yeah sure. That's not e comment I was addressing.
I was asked to name vaccines that lasted longer than five years so I did. Thts the thing about statemets involving all things in a group, it only takes one counterexample to prove them wrong. They were the two that came most immediately to mind. There's no indication other vaccines are that short lived, either, with the exception of pertussis. If, as Dinah said, we now know "no vaccine lasts longer than five years," maybe she could find some instances of some reputable...
Yes, Kathy, it is proof immunity was still strong. If thevaccine wasn't available when they were children does that somehow change the fact that they are unvaccinated?
  That's cool.  I respect your opinion.  At least you're not claiming that's common knowledge or something.
Dinah maybe you haven't seen the recent study showing chicken pox immunity was still strong after 14 years. The current shingles issue is in unvaccinated people, sooo . . . Taxi, Calling you out on your lack of support for your frequent assertions is not what I call a personal attack, even though it is about your personal chronic lack of evidence. I agree that not vaccinating is a decision that is made over and over not just once, I just still say the claim that vaccines...
New Posts  All Forums: