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I don't know about the many more cases we're seeing, sounds like classic taxi, referring to something like its a well known fact without offering anything to back it up, but like all vaccines mmr is not perfect. From the CDC: "How long does it take to develop immunity to mumps after vaccination with MMR? In one study, 86.6% of vaccinees had evidence of mumps seroconversion at 4 weeks after immunization and 93.3% had evidence of seroconversion after 5 weeks. However,...
Those sources and ones like them are cited all the time.Where in the world are you getting that "we now know" vaccination only lasts five years. Chicken pox was recently shown to last longer than that and mmr is belied to be lifelong. The only one I can think of that's that short is maybe pertussis.
And it's absolutely false that no vaccine lasts more than five years. That's total nonsense.
Yes I've read his book. What are oracs pharmacy ties? What has he claimed or said that isn't science based? I realize he's brusque and not exactly warm and fuzzy, but he generally cites his claims extremely well with primary sources.
Dr sears is not "pro vax"
When did I say it was a scientific study? That would be a weird scientific study.
Then why are you acting so confused about parents who've said their experiences didn't match the account in the research study?   http://www.bmj.com/content/342/bmj.c5347
I'm sure the uk general medical council just read the article and revoked wakefields license, no questions asked.
Have you actually read the Brian deer article? Either of you?
He DID lie about when at least some of the children's autism symptoms started. The parents have come forward and said so. And he DID have, at best, mixed motivations. He was being paid to achieve a particular outcome.
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