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You can't statistically prove there is no link. All you can do is say you didn't find one. That's the strongest statement an epidemiological study can make. Anyone who's telling you different is misleading you.
It still doesn't rise to the level of scientific evidence. Those rulings are also being misrepresented.
My point is exactly what I said. Maternal antibodies don't last until five.
No. I'm not saying that.
None of that changes basic biology, even if I stipulate your claims are true, which I don't.
Maternal antibodies don't last until five.
How polite of it to stay only in that age range.
I think you're likely to run into the same problem other studies with unvaccinated children run into. There just aren't enough unvaccinated children available to get any kind of statistical power.
Yeah I don't really understand what the distinction is between published/unpublished on there.  You can access decisions of both types.  Maybe the unpublished ones offer less details?
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