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NVICP decisions/opinions http://www.uscfc.uscourts.gov/opinions-decisions-0
I don't believe there are gag orders. Many of the decisions if not all are freely available online. I didn't say there aren't any liability protections. I said those protections aren't total. Their liability is certainly limited. I certainly couldn't speak beyond that to why something is in a newsletter I've never seen.
Awards are not capped at 250k. Thats, I think, the cap for just pain and suffering, but actual medical expenses, expenses for life long care, etc have no cap. People do opt out of vicp. As recently as 2004(?) there were hundreds of lawsuits in the courts against vaccine manufacturers. Do a little research, you'll find it.
So you're saying some companies haven't stopped manufacturing vaccines? The decreased number of manufacturers is just a product of mergers? I only know of one schedule, the routine schedule put out by acip, which includes the flu shot. Those are the vaccines that are covered under vicp. That protection isn't universal. Injured parties can still opt out of vicp and pursue compensation in civil court.
All vaccines are not shielded from liability. Only ones on the routine schedule. There used to be ~26 companies making vaccines. Now it's down to 5. So yes, companies quit. That was one of the problems vicp was designed to fix.
I'm interested in research on what kinds of substances commonly encountered are dangerous in a single exposure at low levels, or even a handful of exposures spaced months apart. I'm not sure how you would quantify "intense exposure," but I would not consider vaccines a source of intense exposure to aluminum.
I just want to point out that when they say perfume they don't mean stuff that comes in a glass bottle and you dab on your wrists. They're referring to a whole family of chemicals that are in a wide variety of products we encounter everyday, including food. I don't think there's one trigger for something like autism, personally. But perfumes make up one major component of the chemical soup a typical person in the developed world lives in.
Hm, it doesn't read at all like an opinion statement to me, Dinah. There are sources at the end of the piece. I'm not sure what's bizarre about the second statement? I think it's an important statement when comparing aluminum exposure from diet vs vaccines.
Unfortunately this is only a secondary source.http://www.chop.edu/export/download/pdfs/articles/vaccine-education-center/aluminum.pdfThe difference, again, is a very tiny amount of aluminum vs a much larger amount of bpa, an chronic exposure vs occasional exposure. I don't sweat the occasional can of tomatoes with bpa lining for my family. We otherwise avoid it and we eat a healthy diet. Our bodies eliminate the injested bpa. If we were eating contaminated food (or rubbing...
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