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I completely agree. The typical American basically douses themselves with pthalates several times a day for literally no gain. I'm very sensitive to smells, maybe just because we almost always use non scented at home, and they really are everywhere out in public!
I'll try to find a citation for you when I have a chance.
Lately I'm more convinced that the difference in autism rates among developed countries is about diagnosis and definition than a real difference in rates. Perfumes are also only one chemical substance that we're chronically exposed to.
There's a big difference in the amounts involved, and one exposure is chronic and the other is not. A vaccine doesn't measurably raise the level of aluminum in blood. Consuming food packed in a bpa lined can or he like does. And if you're exposed to it every day your body doesn't get the chance to detox from it.
It's not so much injestion as what gets absorbed through the skin that concerns me. There have been several projects done by different authors lately where thy monitored their blood levels of various toxins (bpa, pthalates, etc) after "normal" exposure, such as using a plastic container to reheat food. The levels of these chemicals in their blood sky rocketed very quickly. These are real forms of exposure to some serious chemicals that we all get to some extent or another,...
Perfumes are something children are exposed to everyday multiple times a day. They lay their little new born faces on skin washed with perfumed soap or sprayed with perfume. They wear clothes washed in perfumed detergent. They are washed with perfumed soaps. Heck they even make perfume for babies. These are the kinds of exposures I worry about for my child far more than the occasional exposure to small amounts of various substances in vaccines.
You're right. Just two people drawing conclusions about what people might think based on a headline. Totally different. Not a bit the same. What was I thinking.
But that's my point. The disease isn't changing. Those strains already existed.
Sure, when there's matters of opinion involved, but you're busting my chops over pointing out vaccines don't cause diseases to mutate when, in fact, they don't.
I guess I think words mean something.
New Posts  All Forums: