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Love that show!
You are aware that there are many many people researching various health issues and they can actually research more than one at a time?
Uh, yes. In the long run. And yes in developing countries. Countries that can't afford vaccines can afford supportive care even less. But yes, clean water and sanitation is also very important.
That's not critical of vaccination. It makes a fair point about the prices of vaccines being used in developing countries being to high. I have no interest in defending profiteering by pharmaceutical companies.
Vaccination is much MORE sustainable than just offering supportive care. Supportive care requires a lot more resources than vaccination, and sometimes still isn't enough.
Hey what do you know! That's pretty close to my opinion, too. I would imagine psm wouldn't consider it too far off from hers, either.
I think that's a little arbitrary.
The phrases "I'm not interested in a spitting match" and "bring it" seem a little inconsistent.
I believe there are several charities working to combat malaria.
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