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I plan on using cloth diapers and storing them in a Diaper Genie until they are picked up weekly by a diaper service.  I asked the service if I am required to cut each diaper out of the plastic DG bag before placing them in the collection bag and they said they would appreciate it if I did.  I am a considerate person, but I feel this would greatly decrease the convenience factor of having a diaper service if I have to manually go through and retrieve each diaper from the...
I'm going to be traveling on an hour long flight with my husband to a wedding in Walnut Creek when I'm 37 weeks pregnant.  By 37 weeks and 2 days, we will be flying home.  I am currently under the care of a midwife in Orange County.   It is my first child, I have a very low risk profile, and so far had a perfect pregnancy with little discomfort - but I know it's still possible to deliver early.  I'm seeking advice on the best hospital, OB/GYN, midwives, etc. in the Bay...
Odelia, due Sept 22nd
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