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  You are making unfair assessments and judging me full throttle.  I make a few posts venting on hardships and struggles living on an isolated island thousands of miles away from everyone I know, and suddenly you are an expert on what my "issues" are.   FYI I've grown up with dogs and am a retired professional dog groomer.  I know how to treat dogs, train them, and care for them and I'm aware of the work load and thought it might be a welcome change in focus for me.   I...
Thanks ladies.  I'm seriously considering doing this.  Moving off the island with a pet is a lot easier then moving in...it'll cost around $500-$800, plus a rabies and health certificate.  That's doable for us.     I just need to make sure it's the right dog.  That's the part that makes me uneasy.  There are aren't many options for different breeds here on the island, mostly pit bulls or pit bull mixes.  I definitely do not want a pit bull anything, just my preference....
I'm super lonely because although I go out for my son's sake, I feel like I don't have any close friends or anyone to talk to.  All the friends that I make move away, it's a very impermanant place.  I live on an island in the middle of the ocean with no family either so I just feel so isolated and lonely. I am a huge dog person (a water dog in Chinese astrology) and I have very much missed having a dog, plus my son absolutely loves dogs.  I'm now thinking of getting a...
Brought tears to my eyes!!  Congrats, how beautiful.  
 That would totally drive me nuts too! The one person really pissing me off lately is my mom, she thinks I'm doing everything wrong.  
I have a friend who is first time pregnant and people are being pretty harsh and rude with her.  Haven't gotten too much of that myself, luckily.   
I think people are pretty hard on first time moms especially.  I got a lot of comments like that with my first child, but now with my second I am not getting nearly as many comments or "advice."  Or maybe I set them all straight the first time around...lol.  
Ladies!!!  Definitely feeling something moving in there now!   There's just nothing else it can be!  I've felt it several times today, a shifting and swishing and poking sensation that is much stronger then last week!  
I'm 15 weeks and 4 days and my head is really bothering me with a headache, it's been like this for days now.  It just lasts all day.  I drink enough water I think.  But could probably drink more.     So is this normal for this stage?  I don't remember having headaches with my son.  
I'd like to try some.  Should I try it even if I'm not low in iron though?  
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